China's Peasant Agriculture and Rural Society: Changing paradigms of farming
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Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, Jingzhong Ye
China's agriculture and rural society have undergone rapid changes in recent years. Many poorer farmers and younger people have moved to cities, and yet China has an immense challenge to feed a growing and more affluent population. This book provides a ‘bottom-up view’ of China’s agriculture, showing how the many millions of Chinese peasants make a living. The book provides a vivid description of the mechanisms used by rural households to defend and sustain their livelihoods, increasing their agricultural production and improving the quality of their lives. The authors examine the newly emerging trajectories of entrepreneurial and capitalist farming and assess whether such alternatives will be able to meet the enormous social, economic and environmental challenges that China faces. The book also explores the paradigm that has underpinned the organisation and development of China’s agriculture from ancient times to the present day. Th...more


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 The conundrum of Chinese agriculture 

 The circularity of town–countryside relations and multiple jobholding 

3  Man and the land: The social organization of farming 

4  Peasant-managed agricultural growth

5  Entrepreneurial trajectories? 

6  The rise of capitalist modes of farming

7  Reinventing peasant farming

8  Rural women: Glimpses of empowerment?

9  The young and the rural

10  Markets 

11  The relevance of the Chinese experience 

12  Putting the jigsaw together: A return to paradigmatic issues