Chinese Agricultural Technology Aid in Africa
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Xiaoyun Li, Lixia Tang, Jixia Lu, Xiuli Xu, Yue Zhang, Gubo Qi, Chuanhong Zhang
The book presents findings of anthropological studies conducted by researchers from Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center in a number of African countries, including Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The aim of these ethnological studies is to understand the Center’s experience in these countries.........more
Palgrave Macmillan, 2022


1. History of China’s Agricultural Aid to Africa: Why and How

2. Agricultural Development through Science and Technology: The Extraterritorial Travel of Agricultural Technocratic Rationality

3. Closing-Gap Experience Sharing in Foreign Aid: A Learning Process Based on Construction and Embedding

4. Writing Prescriptions while Selling Medicine: Development of a Mechanism with Blurred Boundaries

5. Institutional Learning: Innovation in Mutual Adaptation

6. Inspiration and Aspiration: National Interest and Profit Motive

7. Representing the Country: Assistance Provider and Boundary Construction